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2024 SWPL Transfers

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An updated page for all the publicly confirmed transfers ahead of the 2024/25 ScottishPower Women’s Premier League and SPWPL 2 season:

ScottishPower Women’s Premier League


IN |



IN | Keira Chuter (Loan return), Abbie Cusack (Loan return), Shannon McGregor (Hibernian) and Amy Richardson (Everton).

OUT | Natasha Flint (Tampa Bay Sun), Shen Menglu, and Shen Mengyu.

Dundee United

IN |

OUT | Brodie Greenwood (Loan return, Heart of Midlothian), Niamh Noble (Loan return, Glasgow City), Keira Chuter (Loan return, Celtic), Abbie Cusack (Loan return, Celtic), Eilidh Davies (Loan return, Heart of Midlothian), Megan Robb (Loan return, Partick Thistle), and Ellie Mitchell (Loan return, St Johnstone), Jade Wilson (Gartcairn).

Glasgow City

IN | Niamh Noble (Loan return)

OUT | Anna Oscarsson (AIK), Kenzie Weir (Loan return, Everton), and Charlotte Wardlaw (Loan return, Chelsea).

Heart of Midlothian

IN | Brodie Greenwood (Loan return)

OUT | Aimee Anderson, Shona Cowan (Partick Thistle), Ciara Grant, Eilidh Davies, Jenna Penman, Cailin Michie, Danni Findlay, Erin Rennie (Spartans), Megan Bell (Loan return, Rangers), Katie Lockwood, and Kathleen McGovern.


IN | Stacey Papadopoulos (Western United)

OUT | Joelle Murray (Retired), Leah Eddie (Rangers), Jorian Baucom, Naomi Powell, Comfort Erhabor (Loan return, Brighton & Hove Albion), Brooke Nunn, Nina Wilson, and Shannon McGregor (Celtic).


IN |

OUT | Tammy Harkin (Retiring), Charlotte Gammie (Retiring), Aimee Ridgeway (Retired), and Aimee Culley (Retired).


IN |

OUT | Kayla Jardine (Loan return, Rangers), Laura Berry (Loan return, Rangers), Brooke Nunn (Loan return, Hibernian), Amy Anderson, Kaela McDonald-Nguah, Georgie Rafferty, Kaitlyn Canavan, and Shana MacPhail.

Partick Thistle

IN | Courtney Stewart, Shona Cowan (Heart of Midlothian), and Megan Robb (Loan return).

OUT | Linzi Taylor, Jenna Ferguson (Loan return, Rangers), Megan Cunningham (Loan return, Rangers).

Queen’s Park

IN |

OUT | Lucy Inman (Loan return, Rangers), Chloe Docherty (Hamiton Academical), Robin Gallagher, and Taylor Davis.


IN | Leah Eddie (Hibernian), Megan Bell (Loan return), Jenna Ferguson (Loan return), Megan Cunningham (Loan return), Kayla Jardine (Loan return), Laura Berry (Loan return), Summer Laird (Loan return), Mason Clark (Loan return), Rebecca Taylor (Loan return), Lucy Inman (Loan return), and Olivia McLoughlin (Aston Villa).

OUT | Lisa Martinez, Libby Bance (Loan return, Brighton & Hove Albion), and Rachel Rowe.


IN | Erin Rennie (Heart of Midlothian), and Emma Thomson (Hamilton Academical).

OUT | Summer Laird (Loan return, Rangers), Alana Marshall, Becky Galbraith, Louise Mason, and Ria McCafferty.

ScottishPower Women’s Premier League 2

Ayr United

IN |


Boroughmuir Thistle

IN |

OUT | Ria McCafferty (Loan return, Spartans).


IN | Chloe Clemison, Kayla Healy (Livingston), Jade Wilson (Dundee United), and Yasmin Boyce (Livingston).


Hamilton Academical

IN | Chloe Docherty (Queen’s Park).

OUT | Mason Clark (Loan return, Rangers), Rebecca Taylor (Loan return, Rangers) and Emma Thomson (Spartans).


IN |



IN |

OUT | Kayla Healy (Gartcairn) and Yasmin Boyce (Gartcairn).


IN |


St Johnstone

IN | Ellie Mitchell (Loan return).