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PUMA kicks-off second season as official match-ball provider for SPFL and SWPL

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Global Sports brand PUMA is delighted to announce the continuation of its partnership with the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) and the Scottish Women’s Premier League (SWPL) as the official match-ball provider for the 2024/25 season.

This partnership not only represents a landmark for the SPFL but also continues to be an exciting development for the SWPL, which welcomed its first-ever bespoke match-ball last season. The specially designed balls will be used throughout the highly anticipated 2024/25 season.

The Orbita 1 TB ball, incorporating the latest technology developed by PUMA, features unique colourways inspired by the SPFL and SWPL logos. Crafted with a 12-panel concept, the Orbita 1 TB ensures equally shaped and sized panels for a perfectly balanced weight distribution. The enlarged and deep seams guarantee a positive effect on the ball’s aerodynamics.

Durability and aerodynamics are further elevated with the 3D textured 1.1mm PU surface, ensuring the ball withstands the demands of the game while maintaining reliable flight paths in all weather conditions. The ball also boasts excellent shape retention and reduced water absorption, ensuring consistent performance even in adverse weather.

Inside, the ball features newly developed POE foam technology, providing a firm touch that enhances consistency in rebound and explosive power. The inclusion of a reinforced rubber bladder and the PUMA Air Lock valve ensures exceptional air retention, maintaining the ball’s integrity and performance throughout the most demanding matches.

PUMA will be the official SPFL match-ball provider from the start of the 2024/25 Premier Sports Cup, with Orbita 1 TB balls being used in the group stage this summer. Football fans can then look forward to seeing the new bespoke SPFL match-ball in action across all four divisions from the start of the new William Hill SPFL league season on 3rd August 2024.

The bespoke SWPL match-ball will officially debut at the start of the ScottishPower Women’s Premier League and ScottishPower Women’s Premier League 2 seasons, which commence on 11th August 2024.